Super Early Bird Tickets - SALE OVER

Super Early Bird Tickets - SALE OVER

 Redeemable for 36 months. Dates to be announced.

All of our scheduled shows and events have been postponed, like all other events across the nation. When this pandemic is finally over, we know you are going to have a lot of missed fun and celebrations to catch up on.

That's why we have released this super duper early bird ticket: It is redeemable to any Bamboozle Room show for the next 3 years. Visit our coming soon page to see what's in the pipeline. 

Let's face it- when the pandemic ends the health crisis will be over, but the financial crisis will still be ongoing. For many of us, it will be a long time before a full price dinner-show ticket is affordable again.

The early bird ticket is your chance to secure an amazing, fun night out at a ridiculous cheap price. Plan ahead and grab your ticket now, for an absolute bargain. So when this pandemic is finally over, you will be ready and able to celebrate, no matter what, no matter when...and no matter how unemployed you are!

We know you are probably thinking "but what if the show's never happen and I've wasted my money?" To that we say, of course there will be shows again- Bamboozle Room never dies! Anyway, at this rock bottom price, there's not much to loose.

What's even more special about the early bird ticket is that in the meantime, it will help support the many  gorgeous professional performers who rely on being able to entertain you to earn their living.

For the price of a Mary's burger, you will not only be safeguarding your own future fun, but helping to keep our performers and business a float. Don't let us sink- lets fly towards the future together. Get your early bird ticket now.