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Bamboozle Sydney rated Australia's Best Burlesque Blog in Top 10 List

  • By Tim Rowland

Bamboozle Sydney rated Australia's Best Burlesque Blog in Top 10 List

We are excited to announce that our in house created blog has been included on Feedspot's list of the Top 10 Burlesque Blogs and Websites in the World, and is the only Australian based blog to make the list. 

Sitting comfortably in the middle of the top 10 at number 5, the "Bamboozle Sydney" blog is essential the g-string between the left and right buttocks of the delectable derrière that is the international world of burlesque blogging. 

To celebrate, we decided to have a look/perv at those other juicy butt cheek blogs and pluck out our favourite articles to share. Join us for the countdown...

No. 8 - Bedroom Burlesque

This blog, written by German burlesque teacher Lady Lou primarily keeps students and the public updated with new classes and events happening at their Berlin studio, with very short posts. Some contain cute, amusing, inspiring and sometimes saucy stories from students reflecting on their progress through their burlesque journey. There is a strong theme of feminine empowerment and confidence, which brings us to our favourite article: "Bring on the Crazy I Say" which is a message to women to embrace their own minds, bodies and hearts, take up space without apology and stand strong in their power.

No. 7 - Lets Burlesque

This is the website for a burlesque school in the United Kingdom called "Lets Burlesque". Our favourite part by far is the "Meet the Team" section. Underneath the mosaic of instructor photos are some very personal and descriptive articles about each instructor; what brought them to burlesque, why they do it and why they love it. The honesty of these bios is at time brutal but they reveal the depth and significance of burlesque both as a personal practice and genre of entertainment to be shared. 

No. 6 - Love You Burlesque Blog

This blog is also the extension of a website for a U.K based burlesque school. Most of the short and sweet articles relate to practical ways to enjoy burlesque (especially through covid) and other typical topics you would expect from a burlesque school such as body confidence and feminine empowerment. However there are a couple of little gems such as: "Things You Should Never Say to a Burlesque Dancer". This article title hits such a nerve for burlesque performers that we think some more things need to be added to list and it has inspired us to write our own version- coming soon!

No. 5 - Bamboozle Sydney

For all the most hilarious wit, Sydney nightlife tips and show reviews, and best insider burlesque articles from an Australian perspective read yours truly!

No. 4 - Burlesque with Paris

Again, here we have a blog attached to the website of another U.K. based dance school. Admittedly now by number four, a blog primarily dedicated to promoting burlesque classes with the "self love" angle is getting a teeennnie bit repetitive. Nevertheless, we will push on to pluck from the mediocrity "3 songs for Galentine". We chose this one because first, we genuinely thought someone had made the boss move of not correcting a typo of "Valentine"; second because we realised it wasn't a typo but an invented word to signal the female friendship alternative to Valentine's day; and third because it has a Spice Girl's song in it. 

No. 3 - Burlexe

U.K based Burlexe is one swinging online affair; a lexicon of burlesque, if you will. It has a great aesthetic and an array of articles and tips, including the latest events, professional hacks, and the history of burlesque dance and the iconic performers whom have shaped it. There are so many quick 'n juicy reads on this swish site it's hard to choose just one. However brushing up on some burlesque history is always worthwhile so we recommend the very concise "History of Burlesque" 

No. 2 - "Burlesque Daily" by Jo Welson's New York School of Burlesque

Seeming to bring a very different perspective to the other website/blogs on this list, Burlesque Daily has many in depth articles specifically for the professional burlesque performer. Although attached to another burlesque dance school, this blog addresses the industry of burlesque and show biz more than the personal fulfilment of burlesque as a hobby.  Our pick is the article "How to Prepare for a Press Interview" because point one is to know the "most commonly asked questions in your field" which ironically could provide much inspiration for our pending blog article "What not to Say to a Burlesque Dancer". Second, point ten reminds us not to do interviews when drink. We get a real kick out of the fact that the Burlesque industry is professional enough to do press interviews yet not professional enough to not definitely be not drunk when doing them. 

No. 1 - 21st Century Burlesque Magazine

Introducing Numero Uno of Feedspot's Top 10 Burlesque Blogs and Website- industry media juggernaut 21st century Burlesque. This website is stacked with insider news, history, events and...gossip. It's a platform for bold, opinionated, sometimes political articles that do not mince words. Much like the article that caught our attention  "Why attacks on critics is an embarrassment to our art form" by Holli Mae Johnson. Essentially a critique of the critique of Burlesque critics...this article, like 21st Century Burlesque, provides fascinating insight into what life can be like as a professional burlesque dancer. 


What do you think about these other Blogs?

Should Bamboozle Sydney be lower or higher on the list?

What is your critique of our critique?

Let us know...Until then, stay classy but not too classy. 😘







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