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Chemistry is key. Looks like we nailed it.

  • By Miss Furi

CHEMISTRY is key...

Chemistry is one of things that everyone talks about but no-one can say for sure what it is, or more importantly; what creates it. The right chemistry can help us forget to be self conscious and allow spontaneity and creativity to flow. The feeling of “sparks” have the power to make the mundane into something unforgettable.

Some of the best creative inventions have been the result of chemistry. Would the 1963 film “Cleopatra” have been the highest grossing film of the year, if it was not for the intense on and off screen chemistry of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor? Chemistry in groups is even more elusive and unpredictable. Even in music, a group's dynamic can lead to “magic” in a jamming session, or even make or break a band entirely.


The cast of the U.S.Oh! Show need to get silly (and a bit sexy) with each other every Friday night, so finding a cast with incredible chemistry was a primary consideration during casting and auditioning for the U.S.Oh! Show

....Looks like we nailed it.

The cast of the U.S.Oh! Show have real chemistry, and it has flowed thick and fast since they came together for their first rehearsal. Its visible and authentic on stage, and felt by the audience can feel it. It's what allows the U.S.Oh! Show to “ignite” the audience and involve them in a way that other burlesques shows don’t.

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