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Calling last drinks for "the Night Cap - Dinner Show" on 4th February 2022

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Calling last drinks for

The Night Cap - Dinner Show has charmed audiences two to three nights each week since it debuted mid July 2020. It was Sydney's first entertainment event to reopen after the first covid lock down. In a the world plunged into chaos from the emerging pandemic, launching a brand new cabaret show seems - well it seems bat shit crazy. It was. Luckily, it was so crazy that it actually worked with the "Night Cap" not only becoming the Bamboozle Room's most successful show so far, it quickly became the highest rated dinner show in Sydney.

After an incredibly tumultuous yet successful 18mths season, it is finally time to say goodnight to this adorably quirky and unique vaudevillian gem and cast. 

Photo above by Tony Palliser and features left to right: Catherine Bolitho, Nicolajayne Campbell, Daniel Gorski, Daniele Clements, Jared Jekyll and Eva Devore.

The Night Cap entertained audiences as small as 12 people in those fragile nascent weeks of a post pandemic world. Eighteen months later and the Night Cap was sold out months in advance. Not only did the Night Cap survive 2 years of ever changing and cryptic covid restrictions and months of hard locks downs mid 2021, but it also had it's fair share of non pandemic related hiccups.

The first hiccup came when UK born burlesque star Ginger Foxx who was originally cast as the burlesque story book character, yet never made it to the show after breaking her ankle the week before the show was due to commence. Luckily for the 'Night Cap' Lara Love, another very accomplished Sydney based burlesque artist, was available to step in last minute to cover those early weeks of shows. As it became more apparent that Ginger's injury would need serious healing time, so did the urgency to find a permanent replacement. That's when the showbiz stars aligned and Eva Devore fell into the Bamboozle Room.

Gorgeous vinatge gatsby girls on art deco bar. Burlesque dancer Eva Devore in vintage black and silver art deco gown and feather boa sexily feeds cocktail cherry to songstress Nicolajayne Campbell laying on bar in gold sequined gown. Bartender Andrew Waldin in white shirt looks shocked in background. Photo by Tony Palliser in the Bamboozle Room.

Photo above by Tony Palliser and  feature (left to right) Eva Devore, Nicolajayne Campbell and Andrew Waldin.

Eva Devore had almost become acquainted with the Bamboozle Room five years earlier after winning a competition for a complimentary pass to the U.S.Oh! Show. As fate would have it, she was unable to come to the show that night. This time the pieces lined up and Eva Devore slotted into the Night Cap cast like the story book role had been made for her all along. 

The second hiccup came when the original performer cast as the playboy host "Charlie" could no longer commit to the show after the first two months. Professional reasons brought on by the pandemic, and some artistic differences with the director meant that the original performer cast as "Charlie" needed to move on from the Night Cap. Replacing the main character at short notice created instability amongst the cast in an already unpredictable time. For a moment it looked like the Night Cap was over before it had hardly begun.

Photo above by Tony Palliser and features (left to right): Jared Jekyll, Eva Devore and Daniel Gorski

However, the showbiz stars aligned and Daniel Gorski, an internationally acclaimed salon juggler and vaudevillian entertainer, became available. Daniel Gorski, an accomplished solo performer with 20 years of experience, has perfected his own trademark "pol-ish" character "Mr. Gorski". Embarking on the Night Cap as "Charlie" presented a new experimental challenge for Daniel Gorski, and it was uncertain whether the role would be Gorski's cup of tea or not. However, Gorski patiently persevered and eventually found his groove, bringing the endearingly pompous "Charlie" fully to life with his technical skill and his uniquely subtle yet distinctive style of wit.

Another casting catastrophe was narrowly avoided dancer Daniele Clements, who stars as the drunk maid, was pulled away from live entertainment into the demanding world of television and endured a knee injury. 

Gorgeous models in lingerie drink cocktails at art deco bar in Sydney's Bamboozle Room. Photo features dancer Daniele Clements in satin pink rob, burlesque singer Nicolajayne Campbell sits on marble bar in gold evening gown, dancer Caterine Bolitho in sheer vintage shawl and pink lingerie. Bartender Andrew Waldin leans in attempting to serve the laughing giggling models. Photo by Tony Palliser

Photo above by Tony Palliser and features (left to right) Daniele Clements, Nicolajayne Campbell, Catherine Bolitho and Andrew Waldin.

The challenges continued to unfold. There were front of house managers being head hunted and backstage managers moving away. There was breaking up, lost friendship, death and house moving. In Kings Cross there were lock downs as well as lock outs. There was the phony reviewer who scammed a free meal and some cocktails, then there was Alannah Maher's real 4 star Time Out review. There were tears, and tech issues. There were (many) nights of drunken karaoke and interpretative back up dancing after the show. There was almost no ticket sales and then there were sold out shows.

Throughout all these highs and lows, the cast stayed committed to doing the best on stage that they could, and the floor staff stayed committed to supporting each other and providing the best service possible. Some how we all stayed mostly sane and the director didn't kill anyone.

Quirky vintage friends on red velvet lounge drinking cocktails. The cast of the of the Night Cap are the best burlesque comedy cabaret vaudeville entertainers in Sydney. Photo by Tony Palliser features Catherine Bolitho, Nicoljayne Campbell, Daniele Gorski, Daniele Clements, Jared Jekyll and Eva Devore.

Photo above by Tony Palliser and features (left to right): catherine Bolitho, Nicolajayne Campbell, Daniel Gorski, Daniele Clements, jared Jekyll and Eva Devore

The Night Cap was an unforgettable journey. Cheers to those that shared it with us and the many wonderful reviews:

"This is the second time I had been to the Nightcap show and it's absolutely amazing. It so funny and creative and sexy. I have brought several friends to see it and have recommended it to anyone who would listen. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good night out." Nick ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"The Night cap show is absolutely first class and world class entertainment. The performers are very talented, the show transports you to another time. The team make the evening extra special with the kind of attention and service you don't often see anymore. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an evening out in Sydney." Catherine ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The final the Night Cap for the foreseeable future is Friday 4th February 2022. After that, Talk and Tease Comedy Burlesque steps into the spotlight.

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