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Keep cookin', good lookin'.

  • By Miss Furi

Keep cookin', good lookin'.

Photo featuring  Tim Rowland and Sydney's Queen of Crass, Miss Memphis Mae (Bamboozle hosting duo).

Photographer: Yours truly.


A couple of weeks ago after Trivial Tease at the Potts Point at Hotel, I was talking to some of the audience/ patrons. I spoke to a very well dressed Irish lady. She had a short elegant hair style, a conservative stylish blouse and a lovely soft polite voice. She had come to Trivial Tease on a whim with her son, his wife and her husband. She looked to be maybe  in her mid 60’s.

She gave me one of the most complimentary bits of feedback I’ve ever received.

At the end of Trivial Tease, she said to me…

“Sometimes as you get older you feel more closed off. Its not exactly a sadness. Its more of a numbness. But after this (Trivial Tease) I feel suddenly more awake on the inside. I wouldn’t normally come to something like this, but I’m so glad we did. It’s just made me feel alive again. It was fabulous.”

I said to myself: Boom. Mission accomplished.

This was great feedback. Not only since I’d closed the show myself with my Pink Panther burlesque act, but because this is Bamboozle’s whole sacred reason for producing shows.

Live entertainment has the power to connect with people in a profoundly personal way. The rawness and sensuality of burlesque combined with comedy is an especially potent connection vehicle.

Even something as humble and simple as Trivial Tease (which is basically just a pub trivia night with cool adult jokes and mild nudity thrown in) when done right, can ignite a sparkly passion for living inside an elegant conservative, retired Irish lady…and even on a typical Tuesday evening.

I think, this sort of thing is nothing short of inspirational.

Connection is the drug that all humans crave. It’s the point of our existence.

In the business of live entertainment, we can be producers and dealers of Connection. But we are only as good as our supply.

Looks like I better keep cooking.

Trivial Tease continues each Tuesday evening in 2018. Entry is free but bookings preferred. To book your trivia team table or for more info visit

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