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We did a photoshoot. Take a cheeky peek, Sugar.

  • By Miss Furi

We did a photoshoot. Take a cheeky peek, Sugar.

The cast of Talk and Tease stooped in at Studio 49 in Annandale for a cheeky photoshoot. Poses were done, faces were made. All in all it was a lovely, albeit tiring. Sunday after noon after a full weekend of shows. 

Drama unfurled when Hannah got a sequin caught in her fishnet stockings, as Jarred Keane wisely pointed out; Fishnets and sequins are a troubled romance, always drawn together but not necessarily for anyone's benefit.

Above: Hannah and May of the costume crisis

The stocking was about to be cut and forever destroyed when Tara Simmonds channelling dance mum magic of some other dark art achieved a miracle and untangled the enmeshment of sequins and net, leaving the costume (and showgirl) unharmed. 


Above: Tara (centre in blue dress) saving the day aka the fishnets while the rest of the cast "help"

Apart from the great sequin and fishnet crisis the shoot was relatively smooth. Smooth as airbrushed skin in photoshop. Have a peek at a few of our favourite snaps of the day...


Above: Tara Simmonds (Saviour of Fishnets/Thief of Champagne)


Above: Irene Nicola (Drinker of Tea/Maker of Faces)


Above: Irene Nicola and Jarred Keane (Comedian Host/Receiver of Boot)

Above: We saved the best for last

Which is your favourite look? Feel free to leave a comment if the mood strikes. Well this has been nice. See you at the show, Sugar! 🍸✨

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