Meet the Cast and Crew of the Night Cap Dinner Show

Daniel Gorski - 'Charlie'

  • By Tim Rowland

Daniel Gorski - 'Charlie'

Daniel Gorski is an internationally acclaimed and respected vaudevillian and variety theatre entertainer. His mastery of skills is second to none, and he is unanimously considered an expert in the historic arts of salon juggling, slapstick and mime. Although not even 40years old himself, Daniel Gorski has over 25years of performance experience and represents an old world commitment to mastery that is arguably rare amongst the next generations of talent.

Daniel Gorski has trained extensively in many circus arts and completed formal training at NICA in 2005. He has performed around the world at the most prestigious events and festivals, and on TV such as in the hit international children’s show “Hoopla Doopla” where he starred as Jango. In 2017 Gorski was accepted into Cirque Du Soleil.

In the cabaret and variety circuit Daniel Gorski is best known for his alter stage ego, Mr. Gørski who is a loveable portrayal of a slightly bumbling and naive “Polish-ish” immigrant, a character based loosely on his own eastern European roots.

Most recently Daniel Gorski has had the chance to explore a new character playing “Charlie”, an endearingly pompous playboy in ‘the Night Cap- Dinner Show’ in Sydney’s Bamboozle Room.

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