Seating Allocation Information

The Bamboozle Room is a small and intimate venue with all seating fairly close to the stage and has always been a seated affair. Seating is always pre-allocated, and not at all influenced by your arrival time at the show. Guests never choose their own seats upon entry, like in a picture theatre. When you arrive at the show you will be ushered to your pre-assigned table as per the guest list. 

When allocating seating, priority is always given to dinner show ticket holders over show only ticket holders. Show only ticket holders are almost always sat on high tables and bar stool towards the back or wings of the room. Dinner show ticket holders are usually sat on low tables with backed chairs closer to the stage, however if the room is full, some dinner show ticket holders will also be sat on bara stool and high tables. 

As well as ticket type, seating allocation is based on when you made your booking. Priority is given to earlier bookings, over later bookings. The earlier you book you ticket, the more likely you will be sat towards the front or given a more central view of the stage. Later or last minute bookings are more likely to be sat towards the back of the room or with a more angled view of the stage. Therefore we recommend booking in advance for a better chance of getting your preferred table. 

At the time of booking, you are most welcome you to make special seating requests. We cannot cater to all seating requests, but our seating fairy does do her best to make your seating wishes come true. If you'd prefer to take your seating fate into your own hands, you can always buy a VIP Front Row ticket. Lean more about the differences between ticket types.  

If you have any questions or concerns about the seating allocation, please contact us on (02) 93802539.