Why, hello there handsome customer! With all these shows and events cancelled, we bet you're wondering how the Bamboozle Room dancers and performers are gonna to feed themselves. 

Well we've been wondering the same thing! That's why we are now taking donations. If you happen to be even half as generous as you are good lookin, than I reckon we might be in luck. 

We know these times are tough for everyone, but if you can, spare a thought and a dollar or few, for all of the professional entertainers who completely rely on showbiz to make a buck. Many hardworking and passionate performers are now completely out of work. We can't even busk since the streets are empty!

We would suggest they find other work, but with half of Australia doing the same thing right now, that's easier said than done. 

If you can, please donate and support Sydney's performing artists, dancers and vaudevillians and donate to the Bamboozle Room. If you can't spare any cash right now, we completely understand. We also really appreciate the support of you liking and sharing our content...but nothing says "support" quite like cold hard cash. 

Don't forget to leave our dancers and performers a nice message...Kind words sit somewhere above facebook likes and below cold hard cash on the support spectrum.

Sending you much love and invisible glitter through the computer screen. 


From all of us at the Bamboozle Room.  




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