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Announcement: Shows are back on!

  • By Miss Furi

Announcement: Shows are back on!

We are pleased to announce that public shows are currently showing again. We are also back into the swing of private entertainment for things like small birthday gatherings, or hens and bucks parties...or even just get-togethers with close friends that call for something just a little bit fancy.

We have some increased measures in place to make sure we comply with covid safe regulations and to keep our team and our guests comfortable and protected. Currently crowds are limited to a maximum of 50 people. Luckily for the Bamboozle Room, we are already a small an intimate venue and our shows and space are well suited to a 50 person capacity.

Our shows have always been ticketed and seated- we are more than accustomed to providing each booking with their own table. Currently we can accept bookings of up to 20 people. While we cannot fit 20 people at one table we can seat your booking on tables close to each other.

Another change is that bar service has been completely replaced with table service. Again, this suits our dinner shows just fine as our dinner shows have always included table service. 

Apart from that, we are taking extra steps to keep people safe such as providing hand sanitiser; keeping our staff up to date with the best hygiene practices and respectfully denying entry to anyone displaying flu like symptoms.

The last few months have been incredibly different for everyone. We have experienced everything from the stress of uncertainty to the joy of increased family time. Whatever has been you experience over the last few months, we hope you are still safe, healthy and (at least mostly) sane. 

However tickets have currently only been released for July and August 2020. So if you do want a special night out, now is the time to book. Hopefully we will see you soon.



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