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Burlesque: Scientifically proven to put the spring in your step

  • By Miss Furi

Burlesque: Scientifically proven to put the spring in your step

A recent study from the Bamboozle Institute has made a surprising correlation between the action of watching live burlesque performance and the effect on one's mood. 

During the study, participants watching a live burlesque show experienced elevated levels of excitement and joy compared to a control group of people who stayed home watching Netflix. Even more surprising was that this increase of positive emotion persisted for an average of 4 hours post show.  In some lucky cases, participants experienced positive effects for up to a whole week.

Scientists working in the science lab have done various experiments. Many of those experiments involved beakers. One experiment involved an ice bucket. Those experiments produced results. Those results led to findings, which ultimately led to a graph. 

Graph clearly proves that burlesque increase happiness because it is sexy and funny

The above graph shows the scientific findings. The more sexy and funny things are, the happier people feel. The findings are clear because the red line goes up, and it has a little arrow on the end. 

Scientists attribute the effects of burlesque to the active combination of striptease and comedy. According to Dr. Sparkle "This study confirms that exposure to things that are simultaneously sexy and funny can instantly increase happiness levels. It also suggests that when the sexy-funny is happening live, these positive effects are seriously magnified, causing happiness to be sustained long after exposure has ended."

While scientists at the Bamboozle Institute are confident these findings, there is still some uncertainty around what precisely participants will find "funny" or "sexy". Head of Science/Marketing at the Institute says "It's not always clear…Sometimes one person will laugh and say that was hilarious, where another person will say oh my goodness that was so hot. Then the question can arise: was it sexy because it was funny? In that case do we tick the sexy column, or the funny column...or both? Or should there be a new column? These are the kind of tough questions we are trying to answer. We need  people to buy a ticket and come to a show so we can continue to do valuable research. Basically it all comes down to funding.”

Female scientist works at the Bamboozle Burlesque Institute

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