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Being judged by cool people is scary

  • By Miss Furi

Ziade Velvet Vain burlesque in sydney at the bamboozle room

Photo of Ziade Velvet Vain by Lucy Alcorn SUBVRT

Being judged by cool people is scary...

and describing the Editor of online publication SUBVRT as "cool" is an understatement.

Picture a young woman, thats as stylish, original, ambitious, curious and gracious as you've ever met, with strikingly long dark hair. Now picture that same woman much younger, too young to be responsible for something as bold, insightful and relevant as Subvrt. Meet Sara Nicolette, the Editor of Subvrt Magazine.

Subvrt delves into territory that most other lifestyle publications dare not tread. It explores culture and nightlife of Sydney and the World. Sara Nicolette and photographer Lucy Alcorn came to see Talk and Tease in March 2017, documenting the experience for all of Subvrt's readers. 

Lucky for us, the crew from Subvrt absolutely loved what Talk and Tease has to offer, and wrote a feature article about it. Read the full length (rave) review. You might be lucky enough to SUBVRT your perspective...

Va Va Voom at the Bamboozle Room! - Subvrt Mag

The Kings Cross we all once knew and loved (or dreaded) is gone - and that may not be such a bad thing. The public has long been crying out for a new era of venues that can cater to eclectic entertainment to revitalise this energy-dry city; Sydney has been long overdue for a makeover, and sadly enough we all know it.

Review by Sara Nicolette, photography by Lucy Alcorn.

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