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Why did the Bamboozle Room cross the road?.. To get to the Potts Point Hotel.

  • By Miss Furi

Why did the Bamboozle Room cross the road?.. To get to the Potts Point Hotel.

You may have heard the word on Darlinghurst Road that the Bamboozle Room has had a slight change of address. Audiences can now get Sydney’s funnest dinner and show experience at number 33-35, above the Potts Point Hotel and under the famous Sweetheart's Rooftop Bar.

The new Bamboozle Room still has all that art-deco charm and old world charisma. Our comedy, burlesque and cabaret shows are still engaging, intimate, and authentic. Now audiences get to experience all that with a food and bar menu, and service, thats delivered with the Potts Point Hotel’s special brand of ingenuity, flare and passion.

Formerly known as the Sugarmill of Kings Cross, the Hotel’s recent rebranding and exciting transformation to the "Potts Point Hotel" was reported in the Daily Telegraph.

The rooftop bar Sweetheart’s regularly makes Timeout Sydney’s best Rooftop Bar lists, and in December 2016 made Concrete Playground’s list of the 50 Best Bars in Sydney.

All thats pretty cool, if you’re into that sort of thing; Hip nightlife, latest Sydney foodie news…which to be honest, I’m not particularly.

However, what I do get hot for is charismatic, creative people who put themselves in their work. This is usually a rare find. But not at the Potts Point Hotel, who’s management team is a small, tight knit crew of present individuals with their sights set on their venue’s potential for growth, and the totally awesome experience it can offer patrons.

In a world of ever expanding conglomerate corporate ownership (I have no idea if that's a real term), of Australian pubs, clubs and venues, the Potts Point Hotel has somehow managed to punch at the weight of a hospitality mogul, while operating with the beating management of a small, salt of the earth, country pub. Cue patriotic slow clap.

I love pubs in small Aussie towns. I love the Potts Point Hotel.

I also love the miso seasoned Salmon thing they do with fresh coleslaw at the moment as one of their Mains. I ate two back to back, it was that good. I kid you not.

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