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Trivia is now a wild mix of brains, brawn and boobs with Trivial Tease.

  • By Miss Furi

Through out the ages Aussie pub trivia nights have served as a magical bridge between bogan piss-ups and the pseudo intellectualism of intelligence posturing. How do trivia nights transcend the culture chasm between these demographics? Its it a human compulsion for one-up-manship, no matter how pathetically meaningless? Is it human greed incited by the lure of the “ca$h prize”? Is it that the pressure of talking to a member of the opposite sex is diminished when in a social setting devoid of all romantic or sexual atmosphere?

These are questions that social scientists are yet to be bothered to answer.

However what we do know for a fact is: Pub trivia nights continue to thrive across Australia despite how boring they are and rife with a cringe worthy awkwardness like something direct from an episode of “the Office”.

Well Sydney pub trivia is about to undergo an evolution.

The careful collaboration of two visionary female minds in Sydney entertainment, myself, Scarlett Furi of Bamboozle, and Sasha Howison of the Potts Point Hotel, has spawned Trivial Tease.

trivial tease idea

On the other hand, some might say Trivial Tease came to be simply because the Potts Point Hotel are experts in Sydney pub nightlife while Bamboozle are the bomb at making things “burlesque”...Bobs-now-your-aunty, Trivial Tease was stumbled upon. Regardless, this is an unprecedented, cross insemination of entertainment genres, and its as wild as Sydney pub trivia gets.

Trivial Tease has the typical features of a trivia night; teams pitted against each other answering general knowledge and diverse trivia questions bundled into rounds. However Trivial Tease also includes lewd insults, rowdy audience participatory games and teasing tastes of live burlesque dance.

Talk and Tease is like a mutated cross breed between respectable pub trivia, a debaucherous office x-mas party and a twisted late night game show on SBS Viceland.

No longer can pub trivia rest on its nerdy laurels. No longer can it snub its nose (if it ever did) at other more primal forms of entertainment such as burlesque, charades, dick jokes and so on. Yet neither can pub trivia continue to hide in the shadows of the “bogan zone”; unchallenged by satire, smart mouthed witty women with microphones (aka Memphis Mae) and the urban foodie menu of the Potts Point Hotel.

Introducing the birth of a new, sexier species of pub trivia: Trivial Tease...birthing on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at the Potts Point Hotel to be exact. All trivia team sizes welcome. Entry is free. Bookings essential.

As previously mentioned, the enduring success, indeed the culturally bridging essence of pub trivia is not fully explainable. While your initial reaction to Trivial Tease may be relief, joy or even indifference...I must mention a strong cause for concern. Trivial Tease may appear to be a necessary improvement on prevailing dull trivia nights, but the broader consequences of tampering with the fabric of pub trivia have not been tested.

Will the sexy superiority of Trivial Tease cause it to flourish while traditional pub trivia nights become extinct? Will Trivial Tease be too conceptually conflicted to survive, and fizzle out in a hedonistic, anti-climax of pub fries, nipple tassels and film history buffs?

Only ongoing Tuesday nights from 7pm at the Potts Point Hotel, will tell.

In the mean time, I am definitely looking forward to putting the 'trivial' back in 'trivia'.


Yours truly in (mostly) appropriate public nudity,

Miss Furi



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