Menu for Brunch and Dinner Show Tickets

Gay couple enjoy cute date in Sydney's best thing to do in Potts Point the Bamboozle Room dinner theatre which is a restaurant and  cocktail bar with live entertainment. One man feeds other with fork. Their silhouette is backlit by orange stage light. Photo by Sydney photographer Etphemera


Autumn/Winter menu launches 1st May 2022 

Entrée and Main

- Two course meal included with Dinner and Show tickets - 

Dietary requirements including but not limited to vegan and gluten free can happily be catered for with some advance notice.  

Set Entrée 

Smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese 
Vegetable and tofu san choy bow (vegan)


Main to Order

Choose 1 of the following options...

Grilled chicken with a side of roasted garlic mash and roasted seasonal vegetables with marjoram cream sauce

Pan fried barramundi with a side of crispy chat potatoes, tomato and pesto salad with Mediterranean sauce

(V) Hearty baked pumpkin and cous cous bowl with cos and treviso leaves, charred cherry tomatoes,  pepitas, balsamic escalots  and fetta, garnished with orange, mint, and za'artar. 


Dessert available to order separately

- Included only with VIP tickets- 

Homemade brownie with ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce