Bamboozle Room FAQ's

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What is the food like?

The menu varies depending on the show and season. The food is courtesy of the Potts Point Hotel which is renowned for its modern Australian cuisine, and is a favourite local eat. Dinner show tickets include options from our special dinner show menu. See our latest dinner show menu here

If you have a show only ticket, you can still order food last minute on the night from the Potts Point Hotel's ala carte or bistro menu.

If you have a show only ticket but would like to eat the options from the special dinner show menu, please let us know in advance and we can upgrade your ticket. Dinner show tickets are available until 4pm of the same day as the show.

Are you still open since COVID?

Yes! The Bamboozle Room has always been an intimate and seated affair. Therefore implementing extra COVID safe measures has been relatively easy for us. 

Currently a maximum of 35 tickets are available to each show to allow for social distancing. We are also using a table service app called ME&U which means you can have table service without needing to group at the bar. 

To stay COVID safe, we are continuing to adhering to the latest restrictions and recommendations to ensure the safety and well being of our guests and staff continues to be prioritised. 

How is the seating allocated?

Seating is allocated prior to the show. When you arrive you will be ushered to your pre-assigned table. 

Special VIP seating is sometimes on offer, and buying a VIP ticket will ensure you have one of the best seats in the house, closest to the stage. With all standard dinner show tickets, seating is generally allocated according to when when you made your booking with priority given to earlier bookings. So the sooner you book, the more chance of having your preferred table.

Find out more about how the seating works here

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason a show needs to be cancelled (for instance because of further lockdowns or restrictions) than ticket holders are completely and automatically refunded. If a show is not cancelled, but you can no longer make it than we are happy to change the date of your ticket at no cost to you. Just please contact us and let us know before the show date and we will endeavour to find another show date for you to swap to. If we cannot find another date for you to come, we are happy to offer a credit for you to attend a show in the future once you find another date that suits you. 

When are your shows on?

Show nights and times vary depending on what is now showing. However the majority of our public shows are on Friday nights, with some shows on Saturday nights. Saturday nights are our most popular night for private functions and corporate events. For the latest information regarding scheduled show dates and visit our Now Showing page .

Where are you located?

We are above the Potts Point Hotel on Level 1. Our address is 33-35 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point.

Potts Point is an inner eastern Suburb of Sydney. It is only 2 - 3 km from the city centre, or a 10 - 15 min drive depending on traffic. If you are a Sydneysiders, we are down the fountain end of the Golden Mile in Kings Cross. 

You can find us easily on Google  maps by searching the Bamboozle Room.

What time do I need to arrive?

Your ticket will give you a "doors open" time than is earlier to "show start time". We recommend you arrive as the doors open, so you have time to get a drink and settle in before the show starts. Occasionally on a busy night seating everyone before the show can take a bit of time. If you really want to be ahead of the queue, you may want to arrive a little earlier than the doors open time, to be towards the front of the line. 

Please arrive well before the show starts for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. You do not want to miss anything or distract other guests or performers by arriving late. If you do unfortunately arrive after the show has already started, we are not heartless enough to "lock out" anyone. You will still be able to enter the show, as soon as there is an appropriate gap in the performance for you to enter with minimal disturbance.  

Is there parking?

We do not have our own parking. Paid street parking is available for up to four hours at a time, starting at 6pm. After 10pm the street parking is free. Street parking can be hard to find however. There is also a Wilsons Parking complex located a short stroll away in Ward Avenue.

How do I get public transport to the Bamboozle Room?

Train is the easiest way. We are located on a couple hundred meters from Kings Cross Train Station. Trains are regularly available from Central station or other city CBD locations. Check the latest train times with Transport NSW to plan your trip. 

Do you cater for vegetarians or food allergies?

YES! The menu always contains vegetarian options that can be made vegan on request. We can happily cater for gluten free on the night, and other more complicated allergies with at least 24hrs advance notice.

The best way to help us get things right for you, and to avoid any disappointment is to specify any special dietary requirements in the notes section when you book your tickets online. If you still have concerns about our ability to cater to your needs, just give us a call on 02 9380 2539.

Do you serve alcohol there?

Yes. Of course we do. What kind of question is that? 

Can you accommodate group bookings?

Yes! Bookings of 4 to 8 are common. We can easily accommodate groups of up to 10 people on one table.  If you have a large booking, of more than 10 people we are more than happy to accommodate you. In some cases, depending on other bookings, we may need to put you on separate tables next to each other. We endeavour to seat you as close to each other as possible, according to your preference. 

If you have a large booking of more than 10 people, or concerns about your seating preferences it is a good idea to give us a call on 02 9380 2539 and book your tickets in as advance as possible. 

How do I book for a group? How do I join a group booking?

You can make a group booking in two ways:

1) Booking all the tickets at once under one name and credit card.

2) Individuals book separately and simply make a note on their booking about which booking or party they wish to be seated with. This also applies to individuals who wish to join a pre-existing booking. For example, in the booking notes someone might write "I want to join Jack Black's table" or "seat me with Kylie".

Do you do private functions?

Yes. We do many private events including corporate functions, hens parties, bucks parties, and birthday parties...even divorce parties! There are a range of private functions possible from full sit down dinner shows, to customised entertainment at our venue, or yours. 

Very large groups of up to 70 can sometimes exclusively book a public show. However this is variable and needs to be made well in advance. Please email with details about your event idea to find out what we can do for you. 

I’ve never seen burlesque before. Will there be nudity?

As mentioned above, Burlesque these days normally encompasses some elements of striptease. Conventionally, female burlesque artists go down as far as nipple tassels and g-strings. Male "boylesque" or "brolesque" dancers strip as far as g-strings or briefs. This is performed with choreographed skill and usually with other artistic features like comedy and narrative. No genitalia or bare breasts are ever exposed (unless there is a serious costume malfunction- touch wood).

The relos are visiting from out of town...will this be too shocking for Aunt Judy?

Most people who see a professional burlesque show in a place like the Bamboozle Room find it very tasteful, artistic, skilful, funny and entertaining. Our shows are enjoyed by both men and women, from the young to the more mature, from all walks of life. People who see shows come with colleagues, friends or family members.Burlesque does explore adult themes and can be risqué or suggestive in spots. Depending on the show, the humour can be considered a little bawdy and so it may not be for everyone. If you are worried about potential awkwardness, just give us a call 

Is this appropriate for my work function?

We often have bookings for after work functions and corporate events.

With that said, every company culture is different. Also, different shows can appeal to different types of audiences. So while many Bamboozle Room shows may be appropriate for many kinds of work functions, this is always the case. If you are unsure about how appropriate a burlesque show will be for your work function, just give us a call and we can go through your concerns in detail to help you make the right choice.

What exactly is 'Burlesque'?

Burlesque is an eclectic and broad genre of live performance. While it is hard to define; audiences can expect a mix of vintage glamour and modern tongue in cheek, adult humour. In modern times, Burlesque usually includes elements of striptease but also uses elements of dance, mime, acting, spoken word and even circus arts. If you would like to understand more about what Burlesque is today, check out our blog post

Can I take photos during the show?

No. No cameras or recording devices are allowed during the performances. But we are more than happy for you to use your phone/camera before the show or during the show breaks. This strict rule is to protect performers, and ensure everyone is able to immerse themselves in the performance without distractions. Thank you for abiding. 

How are your performers like so amazing?

Sydney is full of talent and if you have the right eye and know where to look you can find the best, like we have done.


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