Bamboozle Room FAQ's

When are your shows on?

When are your shows on?

We have shows on Tuesday ,Thursday and Friday nights only. Trivial Tease is every Tuesday, Talk and Tease is on selected Thursdays, and the U.S. Oh! Show is on selected Fridays.


What is the difference between Tuesday,Thursday and Friday nights?

Trivial Tease is a pub trivia night but made fun, in the Bamboozle style. It mixes standard, general trivia rounds with cheeky interactive games, audience participation, lewd adult humour and even a taste of live burlesque dance. We've made pub trivia as wild as it can be...and its free.

Talk and Tease
is a relaxed, cheeky, raucous two hours or more of entertainment. It features a host and a mix of stand up comedians and solo burlesque acts. The line up changes each month to keep the variety of acts fresh and interesting.

The U.SOh! Show however is a modern burlesque production performed by a cast of male and female dancers. and is choreographed from beginning to end. It is a quirky recreation of the old wartime shows that entertained troops overseas, taking the audience on a hilarious journey of Americana nostalgia.


Which show is the Burlesque Show?

Both shows contain burlesque. Talk and Tease features several diverse solo burlesque acts. Many have that traditional flavour however some may be a little whacky and unusual!

The U.S.Oh! Show  also contains a mixture of traditional and modern (sometimes called “neo”) interpretations of burlesque, but is not a variety show. The performances flow into each other to explore mini narratives through the art of burlesque, woven together dance and slapstick style comedy.


I’ve never seen burlesque before, will there be nudity?

In burlesque generally it is expected you will see the human form and some nudity. Female burlesque artists generally reveal as far as nipple tassels and g-strings. No genitalia or bare breasts are ever exposed (unless there is a serious costume malfunction- touch wood). Burlesque does explore adult/sensual themes and can be risqué or suggestive in spots, so it may not be for everyone. However most people who see burlesque in a place like the Bamboozle Room find it very tasteful, artistic, skilful and entertaining. Our shows are enjoyed by both men and women, from the young to the more mature, from all walks of life.


What time do I need to arrive?

Seating is at 7pm. It is important to arrive then so we have time to seat you and take your meal or drink order before the show start time is at 7:30pm.


When does the show end?

The shows end at around 9:45pm, give or take 15 minutes.


Can I take photos on my phone?

We are more than happy for you to use your phone/camera before the show or during the breaks. However no photos or videos are allowed to be made during the performances.


What is the food like?

The three course menu for each show is different and relates to the theme of the show. The Talk and Tease menu is based around mix-matched flavours and unexpected ingredient combinations. The U.S.Oh! Show menu is based on Americana style food (like sliders and fried chicken). You will order from the menu when you arrive and have at least two options for each course.  The menu does change regularly so for more info please contact us closer to your booking.


Do you cater for vegetarians or food allergies?

YES! The menu always contains vegan options for each course  and we can happily cater for gluten free or other allergies with at least 48hrs advance notice.


Do you serve alcohol there?

Also Yes! It is a licensed venue. You can order at the bar or wait to be served at your table. The bartenders in the Bamboozle Room are known for their amazing cocktails and will make them on request.


Can you accommodate group bookings?

Yes, tables of 4 to 8 are common. We can even cater for tables of up to 12 people.  If you have a larger booking of more than 12 people we may need to accommodate you on separate tables however these will always be “table neighbours”. The larger your booking, the better it is to book ahead to ensure there’s enough tickets available for your group.


Do you cater to private functions?

Exclusive bookings for very large groups of up to 90 people (for corporate functions etc.) are also welcome. Please email to inquire about booking your function or corporate event.


How do I book for a group? How do I join a group booking?

You can make a group booking in two ways: 1) Booking all the tickets at once under one name and credit card. 2) Individuals book separately and simply make a note on their booking about which booking or party they wish to be seated with. This also applies to individuals who wish to join a pre-existing booking.


How do you find such amazing dancers and performers?

Sydney is full of talent but if you have the right eye and know where to look you can find the best, like we have done in the Bamboozle Room. Or maybe we are just lucky…


For more information
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