Seating Information

A dinner show in the Bamboozle Room is has always been a seated affair. Seating is allocated prior to the show. When you arrive you will be ushered to your pre-assigned table. 

Special VIP seating is sometimes on offer, and buying a VIP ticket will ensure you have one of the best seats in the house, closest to the stage. Even if you have a standard ticket, we welcome you to make seating requests at the time of your booking. While we cannot always cater to such seating requests, we do our best to make your seating wishes come true. 

With all standard dinner show tickets, seating is generally allocated according to when when you made your booking. Priority is given to earlier bookings. The seating is not at all influenced by your arrival time at the show. The earlier you book you ticket, the more likely you will be sat towards the front or given a more central view of the stage. Later or last minute bookings are more likely to be sat towards the back of the room or with a more angled view of the stage. Therefore we recommend booking in advance for a better chance of getting your preferred table. 

The Bamboozle Room is already a small and intimate venue with all seating fairly close to the stage. During COVID restrictions, our capacity has been shrunk to approx 35 seats per show. This is to allow tables to have more distance between them, while still being able to see the stage. 

For more information about seating arrangements or types of seats available, please do not hesitate to contact us.